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Spark Transparent

Delegate Brainport Smart District- Spark Campus

April 2016 – Present

I represent Spark Campus on the project team for the development of the smartest, most live-able adaptive area of the Netherlands: Brainport Smart District.

Marketing Manager Chess Wise

Marketing Manager – Chess Wise

March 2016 – March 2017

Chess Wise is the company behind the award winning IoT platform technology for the built environment: MyriaMesh.
I analyzed the stakeholder community, set up the customer journey (online and offline) identified and developed the necessary content, refurbished the brand identity, redesigned the website and kick-started the inbound marketing strategy. This lead a.o. to an 80% increase in relevant traffic to the website with a 2% increase in conversion to leads.

Marketing Manager Sim-CI

Marketing Strategy – Alliander | Sim-CI

January 2015 – February 2016

Sim-CI develops a simulation platform for critical infrastructure systems that delivers an integrated asset management solution for the utility industry, and smart city professionals. As the (product) marketing strategist, I analyzed the stakeholders and developed the first user scenarios that set the framework for the proof of concept. I developed the brand, came up with the brand name and created the marketing media and content from scratch.

Marketing Manager Quberhood

Business Unit Manager – Qberhood/ Social Sensr

January 2013 – December 2014

Qberhood developed a Social Media Management Solution that helped businesses manage their online communities. I was responsible for setting up the company, hiring and managing the team. The product launched successfully in 2014 – unfortunately much later than expected due to development setbacks dating from an early stage. The user community and revenues grew steadily, but not fast enough to make up for the belated launch. A second funding round was unsuccessful. Qberhood has stopped its activities.

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