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Salut space traveler,

If you made it here, there is a good chance you are fascinated by technological advancements that hold promises for a bright future. Just like me.

If I am correct, let’s join forces. I am an interim transformation & marketing lead with fifteen years of experience in marketing strategy, branding, and go-to-market management for impact-driven tech companies.

I support tech scale-ups with a heartfelt mission in Agtech, Climate-tech, Renewable energy, Cybersecurity, and AI-for-good to bring their solutions to market and grow their brand awareness and revenue.

And I am Dutch, so expect respectful, brutal honesty – and openness to brutal honesty for the sake of moving forward with clarity.

What can I do for you?


“I like to call myself a CMO-as-a-Service. Why? I love working for pace-setting, purpose-led tech scale-ups. However, I too often found myself acting as a one-person marketing team.
The predicament was apparent. Scale-ups would often hire me as a marketing leader at their maximum affordable rate, leaving fewer budgets for essential marketing support.

Leading strategically and offering operational value is a stretch. Taking the rudder is not easy if you’ve been working in the engine room for weeks. Paying someone the rate of a captain for working in the engine room is not a smart investment either. That is why I offer my experience as a service: to free up the budget for full-time marketing support and focus on success.”

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Strategic Focus


  • Achieving a univocal understanding of your value proposition, positioning,
    marketing objectives, goals, strategy, metrics, and tactics.
  • Ensuring buy-in all stakeholders

Draft program

  • Min 4 x 4hrs play time with key stakeholders
  • Weekly follow-ups, reviews, and fine-tuning.
  • Lead time: min. 4 weeks


  • Crystal clear strategy playbook including marketing objectives, goals, strategies and tactics
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Value creation


  • Develop customer value journeys
  • Develop Go to Market Strategy & roadmap
  • Develop a marketing & sales flow framework supporting the value journeys and the go-to-market tactics.

Draft program

  • min 4 x 6hrs play time with key stakeholders
  • min 4 x 1 week processing and follow ups
  • min 4 weeks development Go to Market plan, requirements Marketing & Sales automation


  • Crystal clear value playbook (Go-to-Market strategy)
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Performance management


Scalable Go to Market management

  • Team management
  • Campaign management
  • Performance management

Draft program

  • customized


  • Ad interim marketing & performance management, tbd.
canvas session

Want to get right on it?

Present your challenges during a 30-minute canvas session.

  • Let’s get familiarized (5min),
  • canvas opportunities (10min),
  • canvas challenges (10min),
  • determine feedback and follow-up (5min).
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Want to drop me a note?

Let me know whats is on your mind, and I will get back with you.

  • Tell me about your current adventures, and how I might help you reach your destination.
  • Don’t hold back on details
  • Please accept my 48-hour response time.

Can’t wait? Just give me a call :)!