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Hey there!

My name is Marieke Post.

I develop and market tech-driven value propositions. My ultimate drive is to make your business flourish by building valuable relationships with your business’s stakeholders. Does your company have a tech-driven business model and an entrepreneurial spirit? And are you driven by the ambition to create an impact that our next generation will showcase as an inspiration? Then I would love to work with you.

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Circular Economy

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*A glance at how I prioritize and incorporate different marketing disciplines:

It’s important to me to set the right strategic goals that supercharge your business model. Next I want to make sure your stakeholders’ expectations are exceeded by offering the right value (content, propositions, events, other) at the right moment through the right channels. Also, I find marketers have to engage in business development activities (field marketing) to understand and learn about their stakeholders’ views and perceptions. Finally I care about marketing automation. It is essential to raise efficiency and gain insights your opportunities for growth, at every level.

Things I love…

I see ‘work’ as serious play. Yes, I want to make good money, but foremost I want to make a difference and add value to success of a business and their clients. I validate potential contractors and employers by how they aim to improve their triple bottom line. Besides working I love to spend time on sailing, fitness, yoga and a bit of running every week just to keep the energy flowing. My friends are dear to me, so I also I like to spend quality time with them, going out to the theater, a concert or to the beach for a walk. Finally, I also like to to read, listen to music and take a ride on my old motorbike, usually to the beach ;).

Data doesn’t create meaning.

We do.
Susan Etlinger

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